Student-led activities

Student-led activities, expeditions and field trips

ISSR High School places great emphasis upon student-led activities; students respond well to being given responsibility and it is encouraging to see the great efforts they make in order to achieve high standards. Such activities develop leadership skills, planning, liaison, creativity and collaboration.

The High School Council

High School Council 2017-18

The High School council is a body of students elected annually by the students themselves. Meeting on a weekly basis and reporting directly to the Principal, they make proposals concerning different aspects of the development of the School, raise funds for charity and organise a variety of events. Candidates for Council must have a proposer and a seconder, they are answerable to the students and are obliged to adhere to the Articles of Council. Elections take place by secret ballot at the commencement of the academic year. The Head of School, Deputy Head and Council Secretary are elected by the Councillors.

High School Council Meeting

House Leaders and Deputy Leaders 2018-19

The House System

International Day 2017; Banteay Srei House chooses Mexico as its country. The food, presentations and performances were arranged entirely by the students themselves and under the guidance of the House Leaders.

All students are allocated to a House for the entirety of their studies at ISSR, siblings belonging to the same House. ISSR has four houses with equal numbers of students across the secondary age range. House Captains and Vice-Captains are selected by the Principal and teaching staff. The Houses, often working alongside the High School Council, organise the students in preparation for a variety of inter-House events including sports, quizzes, international day and Halloween, competing for the House Shield that is awarded at the end of the academic year.



Student-led assemblies

A programme of assemblies is scheduled for each term; students are expected to devise their own assemblies either as small groups or as classes. Topics can range from subject or PSHE based themes, international issues, historical events or world-famous individuals. Students are trained in presentation and communication skills including the proper use of Power Point.

Halloween and International Day

 Field trips, expeditions, international links

ISSR welcomes Austin Heights International School, Malaysia
The Chair and Vice-Chair of the High School Council receive a plaque from Austin Heights School

Year 9 and 10 Expedition to Kampot