High School Academic Staff

The Academic Staff of the High School

Principal of the High School

Well-versed in the expectations of quality global education, Mr Peter began his career in 1981 and has worked in international schools in South East Asia since 1994, prior to which he worked in Queensland, Australia. A holder of a BA (Honours) in Environmental Geography and a BEd, Mr Peter is highly adaptable and offers a range of experiences and skills from which the School will certainly benefit.


Cambridge Curriculum Coordinator Examinations Officer
Key Stage Three Art and Design / ICT
Key Stage Four / Five Art and Design

The list of responsibilities clearly reflects the diverse skills of Mr. Taliv who joined us in January 2017 and has made a major impact in many areas – especially the creative arts. Our school is a far more vibrant environment thanks to his enthusiasm. A teacher and lecturer for 18 years, a sculptor and art mentor, Mr Taliv holds a Master of Visual Arts from Monash University in Melbourne, has worked and lived in France and Australia for many years.  Mr. Taliv continues to lead the Art in the Open project for the ECA programme the aim of which is to enliven the common areas of the School.

HOD Mathematics department
Key Stage Four Mathematics
Key Stage Four Additional Mathematics
Key Stage Five Mathematics
Key stage Five further Mathematics

Mr. Joseph holds a BSc in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s in Education and an MBA in HR and Finance. He has been in education since 2011 working initially at Gateway International School, Chennai, and most recently he taught at the Australian International School in Laos and the British International School of Phnom Penh. Mr Joseph also holds a TEFL qualification. He will be leading the ECA programme in international cookery.

Key Stage Three / Four / Five Mandarin Chinese
Chinese Teacher
9 years experience
Teaching Certification

Mr Pan previously worked at ISSR from 2008-13 before returning in 2017. He graduated from Guangxi University in 2015 but has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2006. He will be working with us on a part-time basis,

Key Stage Three / Four French

Key Stage Four French as a First Language

Ms. Aurore Louis holds a BA in Languages from the University of Nice and a Postgraduate Certification in Education from the University of Birmingham. She taught French and Spanish up to A-Levels in various secondary schools in the United Kingdom. This is her first posting in Asia and she is delighted to add Khmer language in her ongoing list of languages to learn. She will be leading the ECA programme in charitable projects.


Year 8 Tutor

KS3 Humanities(8) , KS4/5 Business , KS5 Travel and Tourism

Teaching has been the most fantastic journey I’ve ever undertaken and I have enjoyed every step of the way. I’ve taught on 3 continents and in 7 different countries. Experiences that enrich our lives are to be shared and that’s the foundation of how I feel about teaching. I feel blessed to start the next chapter of my life here in Siem Reap. I will be teaching Business Studies to all levels and Humanities to year 7 and 8. It will be the first time in 25 years that I haven’t taught English. I love sports of all kinds and  I’m the lead teacher for Banteay Srei House and Asian Parliamentary Debate/MUN. The first couple of weeks have been awesome and I have discovered a great group of young people who are willing and eager to share their experience and learn with me. I look forward to meeting parents and members of our school community so that we can make our new school year the best ever.

Year 9 Tutor

KS3,4 Science / KS5 Chemistry

Over the last fourteen years Jonathan has taught IB, A-level, iGCSE, AP and SAT II chemistry and physics. He has worked with schools in China, Poland, Kazakhstan and Nepal. Jonathan was actively involved in the development of the new national chemistry curriculum for Kazakhstan.  At ISSR Jonathan is the grade nine tutor and he teaches grade eight ICT, grade nine science, grade ten IGCSE Co-ordinated science and AS chemistry.
Jonathan has a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In his spare time he studies Taiji, Qigong and Chinese. He also enjoys mountain biking, jungle music and messing around with computers.


Ms. Gemma has been an ESL teacher for 8 years, with 6 of those years teaching English in Cambodia! She has taught in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, assisting learners from all over the world to improve their English proficiency. Ms. Gemma completed her Masters in Education TESOL in 2017, with a focus on teaching grammar, so if you have any grammar questions, feel free to send them Ms. Gemma’s way!


Year 10 Tutor

HOD Computer Science
KS3/4 ICT / KS4  /5 Computer Science
KS5 Psychology

Dr. Pablo is a Computer Science Teacher from the city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.
He has worked in international schools and universities in Argentina, China, Gabon, Germany, the Middle East and the Caribbean. He enjoys outdoors, traveling, playing and coaching basketball.
At ISSR he is currently heading the Computer Science Department and preparing our students for the Cambridge International Examinations in ICT, Computer Science and Psychology. He is also coordinating our Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Program and coaching basketball. He is married and has a fourteen years old son.

KS5 Science – Physics Chemistry ,
KS5 Further Mathematics

Dr. Giulia Balducci completed her bachelors as well as her masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Italy. After working as a research assistant for two years she moved to Scotland, where she successfully complete her PhD in Material Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. She then started her teaching career. At ISSR she teaches AS and A level chemistry and physics, mechanics as well as statistics.



Music teacher at ISSR since 2012. Teaches High School classes, as well as the Choir and School Bands. Also available for private guitar and drums lessons to the students.




Year 7 Tutor
HOD Physical Education and PSHE

My name is Claudine van Diemen and this is my first school year at the ISSR. My passion is sports and seeing other people getting excited about sports. That is the reason I teach PE, PHE, PSHE and IGCSE PE. Besides these subjects I am tutor of year 7, I run the after school sports programme (with Mr. Pablo) and I supervise the house captains. I have two bachelor degrees in sports and after my studies I taught PE at the International school of The Hague. Last year I taught English in Spain, but I missed teaching PE and Cambodia has always been high on my list. I look forward to this new experience at the ISSR and after having met all the students I am sure it will be a wonderful one.

Year 13 Tutor

HOD Science , KS3/4 Science ,KS5 Biology

My name is Rao Bondalakunta and I was born in India. My M.Sc degree majoring Biology was completed at Kuvempu University, India. I subsequently obtained Ph.D in Biology from the University of Allahabad and B.Ed teaching degree from Sri Krishnadevaraya University , India. I taught Biology and Chemistry for a few years in India  and then moved to Maldives, Cambodia and Azerbaijan. I taught students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds in my past 19 years teaching experience. Now at ISSR high school I am teaching science for years 7,8 , 11 and Biology for AS and A levels.

KS3,4,5 English / KS3,4 Drama

I have a NPDE with an English Major from North Western University, South Africa.  I have taught for many years in South Africa, and began my ‘teaching abroad’ experience 5 years ago, where I’ve been privileged to have worked in some excellent establishments – my first experience being Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I taught for one year. I then moved on to Qatar where I taught for four years. And now, it is an absolute delight to be in Cambodia and to be teaching at ISSR. I’ve come to realise that regardless of how many qualifications one has, it is a fact that the world is our classroom. It enriches our souls and teaches us to embrace diversity. Furthermore, it allows us to teach in many different curricula and; subsequently, makes us better teachers.

KS3 English / Humanities KS5 Psychology

I studied law at undergraduate at Dundee and Toulouse universities, graduating with an LLB. I then studied for my Diploma in Legal Practice and my Masters in International Criminal Law and Human Rights law at Edinburgh. I worked as a public prosecutor for 4 years in Scotland (2008-2012), before working for 4 and a half years at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Office of the Prosecution (2012-2017). I taught International Criminal Law at the School of Law in West Virginia, USA, for one semester (March – June 2017). I then did my TEFL qualification, and taught English (ESL) at a language school in Ampuero, Cantabria, Spain during the last academic year (2017-2018).
I am teaching Psychology at AS level, and English to Year 7 and 8 at ISSR  currently.

Year 12 Tutor

HOD Humanities , KS3 Humanities(7,9),
KS4/5 Geography / History

Born in Preston in the north west of England. This is 30 miles in different directions from the cities of Manchester and Liverpool.
I had a career in Sales, mostly engineering sales, including a number of years working for British Aerospace. I taught ‘Modern Office Technology’ and Business Numeracy to Youth Training Scheme (YTS) students.
I eventually returned to education where I gained my degree in International Relations at university in Nottingham. I gained my PGCE some 5 years later. In between I worked in International schools in Poland and Budapest, Hungary teaching English as a Foreign Language, Geography to IGCSE and History to A level.
I returned to my travels spending the next 4 years in Southern Spain where I taught Geography and History to A level, as well as being Head of Department. From there I moved to Bucharest in Romania where I taught Geography to A level. This was followed by me spending the next 4 years in Africa’s largest city, Lagos in Nigeria. I was the Head of Humanities and taught Geography and History to IGCSE.
My next venture was to Cairo, Egypt where I taught Geography to IBDP level. I didn’t enjoy my time there and quickly moved to Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia where I taught Geography to IBDP. And now I am here, in South East Asia, a region of the world that I have fallen in love with. At the International School of Siem Reap, I am Head of Humanities. I teach Humanities to year 9, and also Geography and History to Years 10-13.
I have a partner in the UK and also have a married daughter and 3 grandsons.
I have been a devout follower of Liverpool Football Club for nearly 50 years.

Tutor 11

Keystage 3/4/5 Mathematics

I am Liwei, I come from the Northeast region of China; Jilin Province. I graduated from Changchun Normal University, and I got certified there as a qualified Mathematics teacher with a high school teaching license. I got my PGCEi from the University of Nottingham in the UK. Time flies, this year is my 13th year teaching. I have worked in international schools in Qingdao, Nanjing, Chengdu and in Kazakhstan. Even though I am a teacher, I believe I am also a learner, only when we as teachers have a spirit of constantly looking to better ourselves, will we be able to offer more to our students. Working is not everything in my life, outside of work, I enjoy travelling with my family, hiking and working out.