The Primary school recently moved into its own purpose built campus. Our building houses classrooms for children from Nursery to Year 6. Excluding Nursery, all our year groups have 2 classes, each with a maximum number of 20 (Nursery-Reception 1, 24 children) children per class. All classrooms are furnished to enable the teachers to comfortably teach our curriculum and include a wall mounted 43-inch monitor to enhance the children’s learning.

Alongside our classrooms, we also have a 20-station computer lab for the children’s computing lessons from Reception to Year 6. Classes also use this facility during other subject times to enrich the children’s learning.

Our playground is equipped with an early years sandpit for our younger children and a jungle gym for our older children. Both of which the children get much enjoyment from, as well as getting some exercise whilst playing!

To enhance our PE Curriculum, the school has a 7 A side football pitch and a 3 x 3 player basketball court. The students also enjoying playing on these during their free time. Our campus also has a full size swimming pool for swimming lessons during our PE times but also for swimming galas, charitable  and community events.