Our School

ISSR Primary School was established in 2007 in central Siem Reap and is housed in a spacious three story 32 classroom building which includes dedicated rooms for Music, Computing and Language classes, as well as our English/Khmer dual curriculum school. All classrooms are equipped with air conditioners, fans, a computer, TVs and all the resources needed for an international standard of education. The school has up-to-date IT facilities for staff as well as a 20 station computer lab for students. The school also has a school library which is regularly topped up with new fiction and non-fiction books. It is also equipped with an eBook server and database of approximately 35,000 ebooks.

Our Learning Environment
At ISSR we follow the British National Curriculum which offers a child centred, challenging and well-balanced curriculum for our pupils. The programme caters for the individual needs of all pupils allowing stimulation of the child’s interests and learning capabilities so they can realise their full potential. In addition we offer tuition of a modern foreign language.

This is all provided in a secure and safe environment in which we care first and foremost about our children and their educational progress.

Our professionally designed programme of study with its built-in regular assessment steps using the British National Curriculum prepares children with the academic and social skills to become successful young adults. It also enables them to move on without difficulty should the parents’ employment take them to another part of Cambodia or to another country.