About Us



At the International School of Siem Reap we care foremost for your child’s educational development within a secure and sympathetic environment. Our tuition programme for children from 2.5 years onwards is fully in line with the British National Curriculum and is taught by professionally trained teachers from English speaking countries.

ISSR Primary School  has new facilities to accommodate our growing student body.

This doubled the size of our school and includes a new library, 25m swimming pool, IT computer labs and much more. Your children will experience a truly professional and international education experience – second to none in Siem Reap.

​ISSR was established in 2007 in central Siem Reap and is situated in 2 separate campuses. A purpose built three story, 16 room school building that houses the high school and a spacious three story 32-room building that houses the Primary School and administration, music and language classes as well as our English/Khmer dual curriculum school. We are situated a short distance from the Old Market (Phas Cha) and the river. All classrooms are equipped with air conditioners, fans and all the resources needed for an international standard of educational instruction. The school has up-to-date IT facilities for staff as well as a 20 station computer lab for students in the Primary School. In our high school there is a second 20-PC computer lab and all classrooms have access to  large screen computer projectors. We have separate libraries for primary and high school.

A quality educational programme based on the British government curriculum is provided to our pupils from Kindergarten through to high school graduation. We are accredited by the Cambridge University International Examinations board to offer full IGCSE education and exams right through to “A-level” studies. ISSR is the only school in Siem Reap offering A-Level studies. A dual British/Cambodian curriculum program has also been established for particular students who wish to take Khmer school exams and move through the local educational structure while retaining the benefits and options that a truly international English based curriculum can provide.

The school grounds have been tailored to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children. The school has a football sized grass pitch, a basketball court, sand-pits, swings, playground areas and equipment and a 25 metre sun-protected swimming pool. Sun-protected play areas are provided for the younger children to play and for the older children to relax in the shade.We also provide a filtered water-mist cooling system in the lunch area.

Language training for students in ESL, English, French, Chinese and Khmer is provided during school hours. We also have many extra-curricular activities for students such as Football, Yoga, Computer and Art Clubs, Choir, Step team and the School Band. We also have qualified instructors for many individual musical instruments and provide individual instruction after school.

ISSR’s teachers come from Europe, Australia and North America and are all completely fluent or native in English and are fully qualified. In the younger years we also provide western, native English speaking Teaching Assistants to promote language acquisition amongst students and appropriate standards of support for the teachers.