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  • The High School Year

    The High School Year

    The school year has three terms, the start and end of each term being indicated on the calendar.


    Key examination dates: All students in Year 9 (KS3) complete Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint tests for Mathematics, English and Science in April / May. Additional assessments are completed in all subject areas throughout the school year. Key Stage 4 students in Year 11 and Key Stage 5 students in Years 12 and 13 (AS/A2 Level) complete formal examinations from May to June in Year 11, as well as practice assessments throughout the courses.

    Reports and Parents’ Meetings: Two full reports and two sets of mid-term assessment grades are issued each year for all year groups in addition to two parents’ meetings held at the end of term one and term three. The schedule for 2017-18 is noted below:

    Term One
    Oct 13  Mid-term assessment 1 (Y7-13)
    Nov 13 – 17          Term 1 examinations (Y7-13)
    Dec 4     Reports Y7-13
    Dec 5 – 7               Parent meetings
    Term Two
    Feb 5 – 16             Trial Examinations (Y11-13)
    Mar 2    Mid-term assessment 2 (Y7-13)
    Mar 26   Reports Y11-13; a report is issued to Year 11 and above at this point since, at the commencement of term three, students will begin revision for the IGCSE and AS/A2 examinations, the practical and oral examinations taking place in late March and mid-April
    Term Three
    Apr 10 – 12           Checkpoint Examinations (Y9)
    Apr 23   IGCSE / AS / A2 Examination period begins
    May 14 – 18         End of Year Examinations (Y7/8/10)
    Jun 11   Reports Y7-10
    Jun 12 – 14           Parent meetings