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  • High School Academic Staff

    The Academic Staff of the High School

    Peter Greener

    Principal of the High School

    Key Stage Three Mathematics

    Key Stage Four History / Geography / PSHE

    Key Stage Three / Four / Five sports leader

    Well-versed in the expectations of quality global education, Mr Peter began his career in 1981 and has worked in international schools in South East Asia since 1994, prior to which he worked in Queensland, Australia. A holder of a BA (Honours) in Environmental Geography and a BEd, Mr Peter is highly adaptable and offers a range of experiences and skills from which the School will certainly benefit. Mr Peter will be co-leading the ECA programme in jewelry making and silver-smithing.

    Hannah Hopkins

    Subject Coordinator for English

    Key Stage Three / Four English and Drama

    Key Stage Five English

    Year 11 Tutor

    Ms Hannah has a BA Honours Degree in English Language and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (English), and is now in her fourth year of teaching. Ms Hannah was promoted to the position of Subject Coordinator for English in recognition of her management and organizational skills, and her enthusiastic contribution to the development of the School. Ms Hannah is leading the Choir in the ECA programme.

    Taliv Mo

    Key Stage Three Art / DT / ICT / PSHE

    Key Stage Four / Five Art and Design

    CIE Assistant Examinations Officer

    ECA coordinator

    Key Stage Three / Four / Five sports leader

    Year 10 Tutor

    The list of responsibilities clearly reflects the diverse skills of Mr Taliv who joined us in January 2017 and has made a major impact in many areas – especially the creative arts. Our school is a far more vibrant environment thanks to his enthusiasm. Furthermore, the introduction of Art and Design at both IGCSE and AS Level reflects the growth of interest in the subject amongst the students. A teacher and lecturer for 18 years, a sculptor and art mentor, Mr Taliv holds a Master of Visual Arts from Monash University in Melbourne, and has worked with the Principal in two international schools in Malaysia. Mr Taliv continues to lead the Art in the Open project for the ECA programme the aim of which is to enliven the common areas of the School.

    Max Ernest-Jones

    Key Stage Three / Four Science

    Key Stage Five Psychology

    Key Stage Three / Four / Five sports leader

    Year 8 Tutor

    Holder of a BSc (Honours) in Psychology, MA in Leadership and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Mr Max taught for four years in the United Kingdom before joining us at ISSR in August 2016 and, at that time, made a major contribution to the teaching of Citizenship in addition to Science. Mr Max will be leading the Guitar ensemble for the ECA programme.

    Christopher Powell

    Key Stage Three / Four / Five Design Technology

    Key Stage Three / Four ICT

    Key Stage Five Computer Science

    This is Mr Chris’s second year with ISSR and it is good to see the introduction of Design Technology and Computer Science into the Y12 curriculum. Mr Chris has thirteen years’ experience in international schools in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea and China. He has a BSc (Honours) in New Technology, Media and Communications, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Design Technology) and Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia in Education. Mr Chris will be working with Mr Joseph in delivering the ECA programme in international cookery.

    Danielle Crawford

    Key Stage Three / Four English and Drama

    Key Stage Five English

    Year 7 Tutor

    A teacher of English and Drama for 2 years, Ms Danielle has a First Class Honours Degree in Forensic Science, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. In addition, she is an Ambassador for Teach First as part of their Leadership Development Programme.  This is Ms Danielle’s first posting in Asia and we are pleased that she has settled into her new life so quickly and successfully. Ms Danielle will be in charge of the Debating activity for the ECA programme.

    Joseph Manoj Vaz

    Key Stage Three / Four Mathematics

    Key Stage Four Additional Mathematics

    Key Stage Five Mathematics

    Mr Joseph holds a BSc in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s in Education and an MBA in HR and Finance. He has been in education since 2011 working initially at Gateway International School, Chennai, and most recently he taught at the Australian International School in Laos and the British International School of Phnom Penh. Mr Joseph also holds a TEFL qualification. He will be jointly leading the ECA programme in international cookery.

    Dr Leonard Rogers

    Key Stage Four Science

    Key Stage Five Physics / Chemistry / Biology

    Year 12 Tutor

    A holder of a PhD, MS and BS, and With experience in education, research, agriculture development and aquatic ecology, Dr Leonard brings considerable understanding and maturity to his roles as a teacher of the Sciences and as an individual well suited to guide our students through the Year 12 / 13 stage. It is already apparent that Dr Leonard gives considerable thought to the management and care of the students in this year group. He will be working with Mr Peter in delivering the jewelry making / silversmithing course in the ECA programme.

    Masa Scepanovic

    Key Stage Three / Four French

    Key Stage Three ESL

    Ms Masa has a French Baccalaureat and is fully qualified to teach English as a Second Language. Prior to moving to Siem Reap she worked as a French and English teacher at the Institute for Foreign Languages in Belgrade, and, at the French School of Siem Reap, she has also been teaching both languages. An accomplished volleyball player, she has already expressed a desire to support the sports leaders. Ms Masa is devising a charitable project for the ECA programme.

    Christine Stacey

    Key Stage Three Citizenship and Humanities

    Key Stage Four Business Studies

    Ms Christine holds a BA (Honours) in Business Studies, and is well acquainted with Cambodia having worked for 6 years at HOPE International School as a Teacher of ICT. We greatly welcome Ms Christine’s positive attitude and experience as our school continues to grow. Ms Christine is introducing Chess as a regular part of the ECA programme.


    Mr. Pan

    Key Stage Three / Four / Five Mandarin Chinese

    Chinese Teacher

    9 year experiences 

    Teaching Certification

    Mr Pan previously worked at ISSR from 2008-13 before returning in 2017. He graduated from Guangxi University in 2015 but has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2006. He will be working with us on a part-time basis,