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  • Primary School Staff

    Ms. Sinead
    Principal PS
    15+yr experience
    BA (Hons), PGCEd
    Leadership Pathways Programme
    This is Ms Sinead’s fourth year at ISSR. She started her career as a teacher in Camden, Central London 16 years ago. Throughout this time, she has worked with many excellent professionals in various challenging Primary schools. She has 14 years experience in developing, monitoring and improving areas of the curriculum and improving teaching and learning in schools. Before making the decision to move to Cambodia, she was an Assistant Principal in 2 large primary schools in London. She has worked closely with the leadership team in the school to develop the curriculum at ISSR.

    Ms. Rita
    5+yr experience
    B.Ed Elementary Education
    Ms Rita has been at ISSR for 3 years as our Nursery Teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science and IELTS.  She has experience of working in both the Philippines and Cambodia in Early Childhood and development. Her excellent child centred skills ensure that all our students graduate the Nursery with developing independence skills.

    Ms. Marga
    Reception 1A
    30+yr experience
    Diploma of Teaching
    First Aider

    Ms Marga has been working in Early Years education for over 20 years and brings with her a high quality understanding of early childhood development. She holds a Diploma in Teaching and Resource for Infant Education. Ms Marga has experience of working in both The Netherlands and New Zealand before joining us at ISSR.  Her many years of experience have enabled our early years phase to continue to develop.

    Ms. Megan W
    Reception 1B
    2+yr experience
    B.Ed / B.A.
    This is Ms Megan’s third year at ISSR and she has been committed to the teaching and learning of our Reception One children since joining our school. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communications, she obtained a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education and has been teaching ever since. Ms Megan has a particular interest in and skills around the early development of children.

    Ms. Katie
    Reception 2A

    3 Years Experience
    Primary Ed BA (Hons)
    Ms Katie joins us this year from Bath, England. She has been working in schools for 3 years and has a particular understanding of additional educational needs. She graduated from Roehampton University in 2014 with a BA in Primary Education.
    Ms. Chris
    Reception 2B
    13 yr experience
    Master of Arts in Teaching
    Elementary Education
    Ms Chris holds a Master of Arts in Elementary Education and has taught in many different countries around the world, including Thailand, Nigeria and USA. She has particular skills in support systems and developing oral and written language. Ms Chris joins us this year with 13 years of experience in the field of Education.

    Mr René
    Year 1A
    2+yr experience
    B.Ed Primary Education
    Leader of the Primary School Council

    Mr Rene graduated the University of Derby, UK with Bachelor of Education, a specialism in Mathematics and has begun his Masters. He has taught in a variety of British schools in the UK before beginning his international teaching career in Kuwait. Mr Rene will be leading the School Council this year, his first at ISSR.

    Ms. Mackenzie
    Year 1B
    3+yr experience
    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) (Hons)
    Phonics Lead

    This is Ms Mackenzie’s second year at ISSR. Last year she helped develop our Phonics Programme within Key Stage One and will be continuing this into our 2017-18 Academic year. Ms Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), with Majors in French and Human Rights, a Bachelor of Education, including French teachable and iTeach learning program and a specialism in Kindergarten to Grade 3.  She has a wide experience of international teaching having worked in China, South Korea and Canada before joining us in 2016.

    Ms. Mary
    Year 2A
    25+ yr experience
    Bachelor of Education (E.Ed.)
    Diplorma in Education
    Library Leader

    Ms Mary is in her second year at ISSR but has been teaching for over 25 years. Ms Mary has taught in both South Africa and Australia before joining us at ISSR. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education (Distinction in Geography), a Higher Education Diploma (Primary) and a Diploma in Education. Ms Mary’s specialism is in Literacy and Numeracy and she has held Leadership posts in both subject areas. Reading is a passion for her and she has been integral in developing our library and library system.

    Mr. Philip
    Year 2B
    20+yr experience
    This is Mr Philip’s fourth year at ISSR and fourth year teaching Year 2. Mr Philip is a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education as well as holding a Teaching English as a Second Language Diploma.  He has experience working in both Canada and Cambodia and brings his many years of classroom knowledge understanding and management to our school. Mr Philip, as well as, class duties, is a support to the development of our TA Team and has been integral in helping them progress in their role.

    Ms Bernadette
    Year 3A
    13 yr experience
    Master of Science
    Ms Bernadette joins us this year as our Year 3 teacher. She has spent nine years teaching in Qatar so has an excellent understanding of the international education system. Ms Bernadette has held different positions of leadership during her teaching career including Lead Teacher for Year 5 and 6. She holds a Master of Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Bachelot of Arts in English, Mathematics, Educational Studies and Psychology.

    Ms. Katy
    Year 3B
    7 Years Experience
    B.A Multi-Disciplinary + Education
    Ms Katy has lived in Cambodia for 2 years but has joined our school this year. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and a certified Teaching Certificate for EC-6 Generalist, 4-8 Generalist and an ESL Supplemental. Ms Katy has taught in USA and Kuwait before moving to Cambodia. She has a particular specialism in Gifted and Talented and accelerated reading. She has also worked as a mentor supporting teachers in their first year of teaching.

    Ms. Carrie
    Year 4A
    15+yr experience
    Elementary Education (BS)
    Leader of The Green Team
    Deputy Lead First Aider
    Ms Carrie is beginning her second year with us in Year 4 after 15 years’ experience in a variety of schools within different countries, such as, Cyprus, Czech Republic and USA. She holds a Bachelor of Science: Elementary Education and an Iowa teaching certification. Miss Carrie has brought her specialised knowledge of ICT to help develop our school’s computing skills.

    Ms. Jess
    Year 4B
    1+ year experience
    BA (Hons), PGCE
    Ms Jess joins us this year after teaching in Kuwait and before that the UK. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Business and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary). Ms Jess gained her PGCE through Schools Direct giving her a great experience of teaching from the start of her career. She has particular skill in English as an Additional Language and Special Educational Needs.

    Mr. Mikey
    Year 5A / Key stage Leader
    3 yr experience
    B.Ed (Hons) Primary Education
    This is Mr Mikey’s third year at ISSR and second in a position of leadership. He obtained a Bachelor of Education: Primary with a specialism in Science from Roehampton University before working in both the UK and Cambodia. Mr Mikey lead the school in Science last year and helped to develop our assessment system as well as supporting teachers in the delivery of Science Investigations. Mr Mikey is now Leader of Key Stage Two and will support teachers in all areas of teaching.

    Mr Dave
    Year 5B
    20+ yr experience
    HDE (PG)P
    Mr Dave joins us this year from South Africa. He holds a BA and HDE(PG) Primary and has been teaching for over 15 years. He has experience in teaching at a variety of schools in South Africa and Japan. This will be his first year teaching in Cambodia.

    Ms. Evelien
    Year 6A
    10+yr experience
    B.Ed, TEFL
    This is Ms Evelien’s fourth year at ISSR and Cambodia. Ms Evelien holds a Bachelor of Education and TEFL Diploma. She has experience of teaching in both The Netherlands and Camodia and brings 10 years of classroom experience to our school. Ms Evelien has a specialism in supporting children with speech and language difficulties and the development of communication skills in children.

    Ms. Sylvie
    3 yr experience
    Certificate d’aptitude a’ seigner le FLE
    Ms Sylvie holds a bachelor degree in foreign languages from the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) in Paris. She has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2012 and joined us at ISSR in 2016. Ms Sylvie also helps support our wider community links.

    Mr. Pan
    Chinese Teacher
    9 yr experience
    Teaching Certification
    Mr Pan previously worked at ISSR from 2008-13 before returning in 2017. He graduated from Guangxi University in 2015 but has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2006.

    Mr. Greg
    2+yr experience
    First Aid Leader
    Mr Greg has been working at ISSR for 2 years and has developed the resources for teaching English since joining the school. Mr Greg gained a IDELT in 2015 and has been working at the school since then. He also leads our First Aid team and supports with safety around the school.

    Ms Chantal
    Music Teacher
    Bachelor of Music
    8 yr experience
    Ms Chantal is beginning her second year as our Primary Music Teacher. Since joining us last year, she has developed our Music programme so that there is consistent progression throughout the school in Music. Ms Chantal has also introduced more instruments into the curriculum so the students experience playing a variety of musical instruments and the skills needed to do this.

    Mr. Robert
    Physical Education Teacher
    5+yr experience
    B.A. Physical Education
    Deputy Lead First Aider
    This is Mr Rob’s second year with us as PE Teacher. He gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Physical Education and has been teaching PE in the UK ever since. Mr Rob has lead the development of wider sporting activities and has refined and expanded our PE Curriculum to ensure all the children experience a varied level of sport, Gymnastics and Dance. He has also been responsible for supporting the children in sporting activities outside of the school day.