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    JPA visit

    The children of Reception 2 have been busy writing letters for the postbox and one day they received a response! 63 handwritten letters appeared from the children of Pre-Kindergarten at JPA school in the Puok District. We quickly responded by creating invitations to invite them to come and play at our school – we promised to be good friends and to share with them.
    On Thursday 16th March, the wonderful teachers and children from JPA arrived! We were shy at first but soon started to be more confident when it was time to play. The children of JPA kicked off their colourful Crocs and dove straight in to all the activities on offer. We showed them our computers, our library, the toys we play with in our classroom and the magnificent sandpit!
    At the end of the day the children exchanged songs and hugs as we said goodbye. Everyone had such fun with our new friends and hopefully we will meet again soon.
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