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  • At the International School of Siem Reap we care foremost for your child’s educational development within a secure and sympathetic environment. Our tuition programme for children from 2.5 years onwards is fully in line with the British National Curriculum and is taught by professionally trained teachers from English speaking countries.

    Enrollment for the Primary School and High School has now begun for all prospective students. The 2017-2018 school year begins on Wednesday 16th August (with enrollment ending for returning students on Friday 11th August) so if you wish to enroll your child please contact the office to arrange an appointment:

    012 87 87 82 – Primary School
    081 87 87 82 – Primary School
    098 87 87 82 – High School

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    ISSR End of Year Concert

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    • ISSR Primary School
    ISSR Parents Meeting

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    Primary School Star of the Month

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    ISSR Annual Swimming Gala

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    Our Aims and Objectives

    Our main objective is to ensure a quality education for the students attending our school based on the principles and aims of the British National Curriculum. This will give quality assurance to the local community that both Khmer and international students have access to both the knowledge and life skills needed for today’s society. We also promote an equal opportunity environment and consistently strive to become Siem Reap’s foremost educational establishment for children and youth.
    We adhere to internationally accepted academic standards by providing students of all backgrounds with a safe and healthy learning environment in which class sizes will not exceed 24 pupils for Early Years (with an appropriate adult-student ratio) and a maximum of 20 students for year 1 to year 6. Social skills play an important role in our school where parents can be assured their children are in capable, caring hands.
    Attention is given to resourcing both our school libraries and classes with internationally sourced books to optimally support the development of each student’s knowledge and understanding while under the guidance of professionally qualified expatriate teachers. We regularly stock our libraries with additional books so that our students can continue to further their reading and comprehension skills with enjoyable fiction and non-fiction books, covering subjects that lie both inside and outside of their formal curriculum.

    Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational programme which are selected and prepared to directly or indirectly support the ongoing curricular content. (Primary School) (Secondary School)